The results of Azerbaijan scholarship and aptitude tests have been announced.

Depending on the examination results and the departments where they were located, the students benefited from the success scholarships provided by ARUCAD at a rate of one hundred percent, seventy five percent, fifty percent, and twenty five percent .
We congratulate our students who settled in our departments by choosing ARUCAD and wish their success to continue.

FUADHAŞİMOVDepartment of Plastic Arts100%
GÜLTAÇBAYRAMLIDepartment of Plastic Arts75%
ASMARAĞAYEVADepartment of Plastic Arts75%
MELAHATRÜSTEMOVADepartment of Plastic Arts50%
NARGİZQULİEVADepartment of Plastic Arts50%
EMİNRAHİMOVDepartment of Plastic Arts25%
FAİNABAYRAMOVADepartment of Plastic Arts25%
SEVİNCAKHUNDOVADepartment of Plastic Arts25%
ZEYNALOVVELİYULLAHDepartment of Plastic Arts25%
İNCİXELİLOVADepartment of Plastic Arts25%
ZEYNALOVAVELİYULLAHDepartment of Plastic Arts25%
FİDANALİYEVADepartment of Plastic Arts0%
AYSELALİZADADepartment of Plastic Arts0%
ÇİMNAZİBRAHİMOVADepartment of Plastic Arts0%
AYŞANTAHMAZOVADepartment of Plastic Arts0%
KAMİLLAİBRAHİMOVADepartment of Plastic Arts0%
EMİLSHİRANDepartment of Plastic Arts0%
FUADHAŞİMOVDepartment of Photography and Video100%
TAHİREGULİYEVADepartment of Photography and Video75%
FİDANAGHADepartment of Photography and Video75%
SEVİNCAKHUNDOVADepartment of Photography and Video50%
MİRZADEHACİYEVADepartment of Photography and Video50%
VUZĞÜNASKAZOVDepartment of Photography and Video25%
NİSEHANIMAGAYEVADepartment of Interior Architecture25%
ŞAFAKQUZBANOVADepartment of Interior Architecture25%
AYTAÇHASANOVADepartment of Iindustrial Design50%
SÖRKATALİYEVADepartment of Iindustrial Design25%
ASMARAĞAYEVADepartment of Iindustrial Design25%
AYŞANTAHMAZOVADepartment of Iindustrial Design25%
İNCİXELİLOVADepartment of Visual Communication Design75%
MİRZADEHACIYEVADepartment of Visual Communication Design75%
ASMARAĞAYEVADepartment of Visual Communication Design75%
NARGİZQULİEVADepartment of Visual Communication Design75%
KAMİLLAİBRAHİMOVADepartment of Visual Communication Design75%
FİDANALİYEVADepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
EMİNRAHİMOVDepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
MELAHATRÜSTEMOVADepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
ZÜLFİYYEALİYEVADepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
AYTAÇHASANOVADepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
LAYLAALİYEVADepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
ZEYNALOVVELİYALLAHDepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
SAZİYYEQASIMOVADepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
FİDANAGHUDepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
NİSAXANİMAĞAYEVADepartment of Visual Communication Design50%
QAMAZBAYRAMZADEDepartment of Visual Communication Design25%
25 March 2019