New Approaches towards Recording, Preserving and Studying Cultural Heritage in Divided Cyprus:
Problems & Opportunities

23-24 September 2019 / ARUCAD, Kyrenia

During the last four and a half decades research and preservation of historical sites and monumentsinCyprushavedevelopedindifferentwaysduetothepartitionoftheisland. While the south is being generally well maintained and extensively explored by several internationally financed and organized projects, the north remains understudied and neglected. This disproportionate concentration of research on the island is reasoned by legal and ethical worries. The consequence is irretrievable losses in substance and information.

The main lesson learned from this policy of inactivity and neglect for almost half a century suggests new approaches. A few internationally supported bi-communal projects on conservation and dark heritage show that a change of paradigm is possible also in other fields of cultural heritage.

Despite difficulties and sanctions some academicians based in the north conduct research projects and cooperate with local museums to study the rescue-excavated structures and materials. These are, however, no more than individual efforts which are not only notoriously excluded from the international research but also poorly networked among each other.

In this context, the conference welcomes studies and practices in the fields of archaeology, art history, cultural studies, cultural heritage management and art law. The aim is to gather archaeologists, art historians, legal specialists, officials together with policymakers to share their data, knowledge, and new ideas for future development of the shared cultural heritage in divided Cyprus.

The papers will be presented in English. Participants are welcome to submit abstracts for 20-minute presentations until mid-May.

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Dr. Hazar KABA Prof. Dr. Marko KIESSEL Prof. Dr. Lâtife SUMMERER (ARUCAD Research Center)