Research Center

The recently founded Research Center for Art, Design, Culture and Heritage of the Mediterranean is being built up and supposed to become a hub of research for scholars within and outside of ARUCAD who are interested in the world of the Mediterranean. The thematical focus is deliberately kept wide within the geographical limitation.

The Message from the Director

The Research Center’s first aim is to gather scholarly literature, in hardcopy and digital format, and make it available to researchers, students and an interested lay audience who may consult the publications on-site in ARUCAD’s new and growing research center library.
The center also organizes conferences and/or publishes scientific work within its thematical focus. So is the upcoming international conference “New Approaches towards Recording, Studying and Preserving Cultural Heritage in Divided Cyprus. Problems and Opportunities”, taking place from 23rd to 24th of September at ARUCAD, a first example of the center’s (future) activities.
A special focus of the research center are the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean: So is the private research library of about 2000 books and journal editions, which have recently been donated to the research center library by research associate Prof. Dr. Latife Summerer, an essential part of this focus. Additionally, the Aphendrika Survey Project, conducted in the Karpas peninsula with the permission from the Department of Antiquities of TRNC, can be mentioned.
To ensure the quality of all these activities the decision-making within the center results from the collaboration of director, the governing-, publication-, advisory- and scientific boards.

Prof. Dr. Marko M. Kiessel