Product design is all about creating new three-dimensional products through an efficient process of idea generation, development and evaluation. Product designers have an understanding of the relationship between art, science and technology, and have the ability to exploit each of these things in different ways to create new products.

A career in product design offers you an opportunity to make a real impact. The process of nurturing a design, from the early concept stages to a commercially viable solution suitable for mass manufacture, can also give product designers a great amount of job satisfaction.

Product design careers cover an extremely broad spectrum of industries. Consequently, the emphasis on technical or aesthetic design expertise can vary from role to role. More technical projects will demand a greater understanding of engineering, where function may dictate form. More artistic projects are likely to focus on form and usability. Product design requires a great deal of understanding of both materials and manufacturing techniques. A product designer will be expected to stay aware of new developments in these fields, as this will aid them in their daily work and drive innovation in their company.

First of all, individuals who will graduate from the Industrial Design Department are candidates for designers. Industrial Product Designers can work in multi-purpose institutions other than working independently in their own workplaces. In addition, as a designer in organizations that provide employment in the field of design in the industry, as a product manager and design manager in industrial organizations, as a visual expression specialist in areas that require visualization skills, as a lecturer in universities that provide education in Industrial Design, – after receiving pedagogical formation education – will be able to work as a teacher, as a research institution or as a researcher in R&D centers. They can work in Building Audit firms, Consultancy offices, Architectural project offices in the private sector.

The skills you learn and the knowledge you will gain at ARUCAD will prepare you for a wide range of careers in the Creative Industries internationally, for example:

Product Design

Interior Architecture

Automative Design

Yatch and Ship Design

Accessories and Jewellery Design

Material Engineering

Product Management

Design Management