Industrial Design

The ARUCAD Industrial Design program fosters a critical, analytical and creative approach to designing products, services and experiences. With the use of our digital and fabrication facilities including the FabLab, these resources will empower our student designers with the knowledge, skills and creative confidence to resolve design problems with functional and sustainable product design solutions that are relevant to needs of people, society and business today.

Combining industry-run projects with academic learning, we ensure that you have the skills necessary to make a significant contribution to your chosen field of professional design practice.



  • Prof. Dr. Marko M. Kiessel
    Head of Industrial Design

    He studied Classical Archaeology, Art History and History at the universities of Trier, Köln and Bologna from 1993/94 to 2005 when he completed his PhD thesis in Classical Archaeology in Trier.
    He contributed to an international exhibition about Constantine I., held in the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier in 2007. From 2006 onward he has been teaching architectural history and art history in North Cyprus, as an Associate Professor since 2012.
    He conducted a funded research project on architectural decoration in Cyprus and was a researcher in a Tübitak project on the vernacular architecture of Louroujina village. Since 2016 he has been conducting a survey project in the Karpass district, tracing remains of ancient and early medieval settlement and economy. His research covers also the modern architecture of Cyprus, especially of the colonial and early post-colonial periods.