The profession of architecture has become one the most preferred and sought-after profession in our region and the world. The graduates of the department have knowledge about following the basic problems related to their field and presenting current solutions / suggestions that require these problems. Within this framework, the task of the graduates of the department is to architecturally design of all buildings (housing, accommodation, commercial social structures, etc.). They also play an important role as a controller during the construction of the designed buildings. Architects do not only address aesthetic issues in the structures they design. but also have to consider, the structure, ergonomics, comfort, accessibility, health and safety of their buildings.

Our architecture program aims to ensure the continuous development of educational programs that will ensure competency in relevant fields in accordance with the modern-day requirements. Businesses opportunities for the graduates of the program ranges from public institutions to the private sector. In addition, graduates on the program can operate their own offices. Graduates of the Department of Architecture can also continue their master’s and doctoral studies and work in academic institutions.


  • Cem Yardımcı (Assist. Prof. Dr.)
    Head of Architecture Department

    Having completed his undergraduate, master and doctorate studies at the Faculty of Architecture of Istanbul Technical University, Cem Yardımcı has served as a project director in various universities and as a jury member in national and international competitions. In addition to his research, Yardımcı has awarded short films that he realized and directed.
    Under the concept of Architectural Reflex, he explores the existence of a combination of theory / practice and architecture / video. He aims to bring together diverse mix media and technologies in architectural design, audio and video performance studies. In this process, he tries to host the open source principle in his studies.

  • Balkız Yapıcıoğlu
    Assoc. Prof. Dr.

    Balkız Yapıcıoğlu is an associate professor and has thought architecture and construction management both in Cyprus and overseas. Her recent research aims to facilitate a process with and within cities that generate dialogue and deeper understanding of city resilience which leads to new ideas and opportunities by engaging new actors in civil society, government and business to make a city more resilient. She studied Architectural Engineering, Construction Management at University of Kansas and at Arizona State University in USA and completed her PhD at Girne American University in Cyprus in Construction Management before completing her second PhD at University of Manchester in UK in Project Management.

  • Marko Kiessel
    Prof. Dr.

    He studied Classical Archaeology, Art History and History at the universities of Trier, Köln and Bologna from 1993/94 to 2005 when he completed his PhD thesis in Classical Archaeology in Trier.
    He contributed to an international exhibition about Constantine I., held in the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier in 2007. From 2006 onward he has been teaching architectural history and art history in North Cyprus, as an Associate Professor since 2012.
    He conducted a funded research project on architectural decoration in Cyprus and was a researcher in a Tübitak project on the vernacular architecture of Louroujina village. Since 2016 he has been conducting a survey project in the Karpass district, tracing remains of ancient and early medieval settlement and economy. His research covers also the modern architecture of Cyprus, especially of the colonial and early post-colonial periods.