Film Design and Directing

Film Design and Directing    

The Department of Film Design and Directing is designed to handle the multidimensional and variable creation processes from an innovative perspective. The importance of theory and practice is taken into consideration at every stage. Our tutors are experienced filmmakers with practical experience in cinema production processes, as well as experienced filmmakers with wide experience in events, festivals, competitions, symposiums and workshops. Our aim is to ensure the students’ success through theır knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of cinema. In addition, the programme is designed to respond to social and cultural needs with the aim of compiling and recording of the history and rich cultural heritage of Cyprus and transforming them into works of art with aesthetic and ethical concerns.



  • Assist. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Dalkılıç

    After having completed his bachelor degree at Hacettepe University, he did his master degree at Great Britain’s Sunderland University on Television, Film and Media Production and held high level administrative posts for many years at the television and media sector. In tandem with his career at the sector, he continued to pursue an academic career as well, and was a lecturer at the Girne American University and Eastern Mediterranean University. He completed his doctorate degree on Communication and Media Management and is continuing with his studies on cinema/ideology, visual culture and digital transfromation.

    He is particularly interested in photography and world history.

  • Pervin Yiğit

    Assist. Doç. Dr. Pervin Yiğit

    Dr Yiğit was born in Nicosia on 11 June 1983. After having completed her secondary education at the Turkish Maarif College she went to Ankara for her higher education. She graduated from the Philosophy Department of the Middle East Technical University (METU) in 2004 and ın 2005 she received her double major degree from the METU Philosophy Department. Same year she started her master degree program at the METU Philosophy Department and completed this in 2007. In 2008 she went to UK’s Sussex University for her doctorate degree and completed it in 2013 in the field of “Intellectual History” with a thesis that was headlined “The political thought of John Brown: Religion, Reform and International Relations”. She returned to Cyprus the same year and started lecturing on “Political Philosophy” and “Political Psychology “on a part-time basis at the Near East University. In 2014 she became a full-time lecturer at the Education Faculty of the same university. During this period, she also gave Anthropology and Education Philosophy lessons on a part-time basis at the European University of Lefke. Dr Yiğit started working at the Communication Faculty of the Arkın Creative Arts and Design in 2017. Her research subjects are communication and media sociology, moral philosophy, political philosophy and art philosophy. She is also a member of the publication council of a weekly magazine and her articles are published regularly at this magazine

  • Ali Azhari

    Ali Azhari

    Ali Azhari is an Iranian filmmaker and cinematographer holding an M.F.A. in screenwriting/cinematography and has been professionally working in Iranian cinema as a director of photography for years.
    His field of research is focused on interactive and post-cinema.