New Media and Communication

Today’s media companies are seeking communication and media professionals who not only can perform the duties of a journalist or a public relations or advertising practitioner, but who are also comfortable with visual design and content production for digital media—e.g. online publications, blogs, podcasts, virtual communities, interactive advertising.

New Media and Communication at ARUCAD is uniquely positioned to prepare students for today’s converging media environment, where communication professionals are expected to have a broad range of knowledge and creative skills, from critical thinking and excellent writing to the ability to create interactive media, digital arts, and strategic communication campaigns.

Students who opt for the New Media and Communication Department at ARUCAD shall surely benefit from a contemporary understanding of emerging trends in the evolving communication industry, as well as receiving guidance for connecting classroom learning with local and global market mechanisms.


  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Çağdaş Öğüç
    Head of Department

    Çağdaş Öğüç was born in 1989 in Kyrenia. He graduated from the Department of Graphic Communication, University of Nicosia in the southern part of Cyprus. In 2014, he graduated in Radio Television Cinema Master Program with the thesis of “Protest Music as a Tool of Communication: Blues Music Example”
    Öğüç has completed his PhD thesis on “The Social Legitimacy of Surveillance: A research focused on Cyprus” in Media and Communication Studies PhD program in August 2018.
    In 2009, he started to work as an editor at Kıbrıs Postası Internet Newspaper and as the Digital Publishing Editor during 2012-14. Between the years 2014-2019 he worked in Kıbrıs Newspaper as Head of Digital Publishing.
    Çağdaş Öğüç was granted an award in the New Media category at the Kutlu Adalı Press Awards in 2013, which is traditionally given each year by the Press Workers Union (Basın – Sen).

  • Prof. Dr. Pınar E. Yayınoğlu

    She was born in 1969 in İstanbul. She completed her high school education at Kadıköy Girls High School and her undergraduate degree (1986-1990) in Marmara University Press and Publishing School Journalism and Public Relations program. She completed her master's degree in General Journalism program of the same university and her doctorate in Press Economics and Business Administration program. After working in the advertising, tourism and information sector for a while, she started his academic life as a research assistant at Marmara University Faculty of Communication, where he graduated. After his doctorate, he continued her academic life at Maltepe University, Kocaeli University and İstanbul University communication faculties. She was a visiting researcher at Thames Valley University in 2003 and at the University of Westminster at the University of London King’s College in 2005. She taught communication science, strategic public relations management, brand communication, research methodology, media industry and media management at undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition to her academic studies, she served as vice dean at Kocaeli and İstanbul University. During his tenure at Istanbul University Faculty of Communication, he worked as a consortium board member and researcher in an EU Erasmus + project that lasted three years on 'strategic management and communication' on online education. Following the completion of the project, he retired from İstanbul University in 2018 and became the dean of Girne American University Faculty of Communication and carried out this task for a year. She has published books, book chapters, articles and papers on research in public relations, public relations in local governments, web communication, intercultural communication, brand communication. Contemporary Turkish Art of 40 themed year, Turkey has performed with a number of well-known plastic artists is also the coordinator of the oral history film making. Her professional interests include the development of maritime journalism, the transformation of communication education in the age of industry 4.0, and the development of off-campus learning in higher education. She has academic and administrative experience in the fields of distance education and restructuring in higher education (Bologna process). Hungarian geography has a special interest in its history and culture and has a 'beginner level Hungarian' certificate.

  • Prof. Dr. Tevfik Balcıoğlu

    He was born in 1953, Izmir, studied at Middle East Technical University, attended Royal College of Art (1988-90), taught at Goldsmiths’ College (1991) and worked at Kent Institute of Art and Design, UK (1992-2002) as founding course leader of BA (Hons) 3DD. He is also founding Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts & Design at Izmir University of Economics (2004-2011) and Founding President of 4T: Design & Design History Society (4T: Tasarım ve Tasarım Tarihi Topluluğu), Turkey, (2014-2018). He worked as Vice Rector (2012-15) and Professor of Design (2012-2018) until September 2018 at Yasar University, Izmir, Turkey.

    He was a columnist for a journal, entitled, ‘XXI Architecture, Design, Space’. His edited works include: ‘The Role of Product Design in Post-Industrial Society’, ‘Dancing with Disorder’, ‘Gender Perspectives in Design’ ‘Design and Resistance’ and a Design Journal issue: ‘A Glance at Design Discourse in Turkey’. Balcioglu is a board member of the European Academy of Design (EAD) and International Committee for Design History and Design Studies (ICDHS). He was a design coordinator, member of the executive board and the scientific committee of Izmir Mediterranean Academy (2012-2018). In this respect, he participated in Izmir Seaside Project as an informal voluntary consultant to Mayor of Izmir and initiated ‘Design Corridors’ and ‘Izmir Good Design’ Projects.

    He had bought a 450 years old Ottoman Primary School building in 2005, restored and converted it into a ‘TB house - Design Library- Faruk Tabak Reading Room’ and opened it to public in week days. The building received Izmir Municipality, 2017, “Respect to History Local Conservation Award”, in the category of “Substantial Restoration Where Original Function Altered”. Recently, since the lockdown period of Covid-19, he has begun to make YouTube design videos in various categories (see:

  • Lecturer Gökhan Güneyli

    Güneyli graduated from Computer Teaching and Technology Teaching Department in 2011. He completed his master's degree in Educational Management and Supervision. His doctorate is on Communication and Media.