Digital Game Design

The rapidly growing global digital game industry, which seems to be focused on software development, can actually be designed as holistically through the discipline of communication, as it is essentially an entertainment media / medium and requires the production of audio-visual content. The digital game industry today is one of the main trends of the communication industry, which can be described as digital nativism and puts the generation born into digital technology into focus.

With this programme, ARUCAD focuses on this field of education that meets the future by foreseeing the future social position of the generation known as digital nativist. The Digital Game Design programme is also supported by the university profile and mission of ARUCAD in terms of being an educational field based on communication science and enriched by the design and art fields. The students of the department will graduate with an intense practical education where they can learn the fastest growing digital game design with all its components within the scope of creative industries which are considered an important production and consumption ecosystem in the digital society.

Today, as TV broadcasters and movie industries like Hollywood struggle to keep up to date,  video game industry statistics show a constantly growing and improving trend. When the size of Turkey and the wider geographical region with their large populations and especially young population dynamics are evaluated, digital game design graduates will be well equipped to meet the demand of the increasing production sector in all areas of the sector as a digital game designer.


  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Yunus Luckinger
    Head of Department

    After completing his Bachelor and Masters degree in the field of Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design he started to work as a Designer and continued to Advise for various companies while continuing his education in the field of Communication & Media Studies focusing on Possible worlds and Video games. He continued to pursue an academic career and started teaching in universities.

    His main interest are in video-games and arts in the digital form.

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Seyed Mehdi Nourani

    He is holding a PhD in Graphic Design (Visual Communication Design) with Iranian Nationality, he was studying and has graduated since 1997 in art school of graphic design and continues to bachelor of art and master of visual communication design and finally was graduated his PhD in 2012 from the university of Mysore. He is working as an Assistant/ Associate Professor and simultaneously engaged as a Creative Director and Brand Head for a mega size company in world wield. With over +20 years of rich experience in visual communication design (Graphic Designing), Branding strategy, Brand Development, Environmental graphic design, Signage and way-finding design, Digital media design, Interactive/ Innovation design, New Media design, UI/UX design for App and web, Calligraphy/ Typography and pre-press production.

    He was published paper and a book in different area communication design also he was achieved several world wild Award in the design industry and research area.

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Tomasz Zawadzki