Course CodeCourse TitleTPCrECTS
ARHA 101History of Art: An Introduction2235
ARHA 103Archaeology: An Introduction2235
ARHA 105Cypriot and Anatolian Archaeology I2236
ARHA 107The Ancient Middle East2235
INAD 109Research Methods & Discourses2235
SOFL 101Academic English 13034
Course CodeCourse TitleTPCrECTS
ARHA 102Methods and Theories in Archaeology (prerequisite: ARHA 103)2235
ARHA 104Cypriot and Anatolian Archaeology II2236
ARHA 106Ancient Egypt2235
ARHA 108The Aegean2235
ARHA 110Ancient Greece2235
SOFL 102Academic English 23034
ARHA 112Summer Internship 10005
Course CodeCourse TitleTPCrECTS
ARHA 201Cypriot and Anatolian Archaeology III2236
ARHA 203Ancient Rome


ARHA 205Late Antique and Byzantine Civilization, Architecture and Art2235
ARHA 207The Architecture and Art of Islamic Civilizations2235
ARHA 209Early to High Medieval Architecture and Art2235
TUDI 201Turkish Language I2022
AITT 201History of Ataturk Principles and Revolutions I2022


Course CodeCourse TitleTPCrECTS
ARHA 202Early Renaissance in Italy3034
ARHA 204High Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy3034
ARHA 206Baroque to Neoclassicism3034
ARHA 208Romanticism to Post-Modernism3034
ARHA 210Summer Internship 20035
TUDI 202Turkish Language II2022
AITT 202History of Ataturk Principles and Revolutions II2022
Faculty Elective 135


V. Semester
Course CodeCourse TitleTPCrECTS
ARHA 301Modern Architecture and Art, 19th century to 1960s2235
ARHA 303Museums and Art I2235
Faculty Elective 235
Faculty Elective 335
Department Elective 135
Department Elective 235
Total18     30


Course CodeCourse TitleTPCrECTS
ARHA 306Exhibition Design1223
ARHA 302Museums and Art II2235
ARHA 304Summer Internship 30005
INDD 308Virtual and Augmented Reality Studio1222
University Elective 135
Department Elective 335
Department Elective 435
Total16    30


Course CodeCourse TitleTPCrECTS
ARHA 401Theory and History of Art History2235
ARHA 403Technical Drawing1435
ARHA 405Advanced Documentation Techniques1435
ARHA 407Curating Art2235
Department Elective 535
Faculty Elective 435


Course CodeCourse TitleTPCrECTS
ARGA 402Graduation Project thesis28610
ARHA 404Management of Cultural Heritage2235
ARHA 406Contemporary Architecture and Art2235
Faculty Elective 535
University Elective 235