Archaeology and Art History

The Department of Archeology and Art History aims to provide a multidisciplinary education by using innovative theoretical and methodological applied approaches in archaeology, art history, visual culture, cultural heritage management and museology. While our department provides education with a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, it also benefits from various disciplines such as cultural and physical anthropology, history, philology, geology, chemistry and other natural sciences, especially the history of art and architecture.

Studying archaeology and art history in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the past cultures of prehistoric, classical, medieval, early modern and Ottoman societies. It will be a great privilege for students who choose our department to study archaeology and art history in the original environment of a curriculum that focuses on Cyprus with its rich library, ancient artefacts and historical sites.


Graduates of the department can work in museums, tourism companies, advertising and communication agencies, in cultural and artistic foundations, in companies with culture and arts units and institutions that carry out publishing activities, as well as research in various fields related to art criticism and art history. Graduates who continue their postgraduate education can pursue their careers as academics.



  • Prof. Dr. Latife Summerer
    Head of Department

    Prof. Dr. Lâtife Summerer studied Classical Archaeology, Ancient History and Ethnology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, received her PhD in Classical Archaeology at the same University in 1996 and completed her habilitation thesis (post-doctoral degree) in 2005. She taught Classical Archaeology in Germany and in Turkey. She conducted excavations at the Roman City Pompeiopolis in Northern Anatolia (2006-2016) and archaeological surveys in Kelainai/Apameia Kibotos, Afyonkarahisar Province (2008-2011).

    She carried out a repatriation and restoration project on the looted, painted wooden tomb chamber Tatarlı in Phrygia (5th century BC), and curated an exhibition in Istanbul in 2010.

    She co-edited the volume “Northern Face of Cyprus. New Studies in Archaeology and Art History (2016) and co-organized the ARUCAD conference “New Approaches towards Recording, Preserving and Studying Cultural Heritage in Divided Cyprus: Problems & Opportunities”.

    Currently, she is carrying out a conservation and research project on the rural church Panagia tis Kyras (Sazlıköy/Livadia, Lower Karpasia) within the frame of Technical Committee on Cultural Heritage.

  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ceyda Alparslan Kuzu

    Ceyda Alparslan Kuzu, born in 1981 in Ankara; She received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in 2008 and her Proficiency in Art degree in 2012. Worked at public and foundation universities and she was the founding lecturer of art oriented departments. In addition to national and international artistic events, personal photography and painting exhibitions and academic publications, she has published numerous independent articles on the art market and social content published in magazines. She is the author of books titled 'From MORE To GENIUS - Introduction to History of Design' and 'MUSEUM as the Headquarters of a Heritage'. Her works are featured in the collecctions Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, OECD France and some private collections. Alparslan, who is closely interested in the Art of Performance; many institutions, clubs and businesses in Ankara have signed the interior design projects and applications. There are script and art consultancy for some TV movie and TV series projects. She is still working as a media consultant at Istanbul Finance Summit and has been working mainly on International Relations and Art recently.

  • Asst. Prof. Dr. Paolo Cimadomo