Faculty of Arts

The Faculty of Arts aims to accommodate the creative art practices and art theories strands at the edge of not only multi-disciplinary approaches but the trans-disciplinary at its essential structure. The Faculty of Arts consists of four departments namely Plastic Arts, Photography, Ceramics and Film Design and Production part of the University of ARUCAD.


Welcome to the Faculty of Arts at ARUCAD. Here you will discover a vibrant, dedicated, creative, and artistic community that will bring your potential at its highest level. At the Faculty of Arts, we offer a friendly and exciting academic environment in which the views, values, ideas, and experiences are not only shared but also analyzed and reexamined through continuous interaction among students and faculty members. All that's required is a passion for learning and developing your skills as an artist.

Here in ARUCAD, we believe that the best tutors are actual working creatives. Our faculty is comprised of art and design experts who maintain careers on the leading edge of industry trends.

The Faculty of Arts is committed to the enduring values of interdisciplinary liberal arts education; therefore, our vigorous curricula have deep multidisciplinary roots. In the course of addressing emergent challenges and complex artistic issues, we are building a creative bridge across theory, research, and practice drawn from different art disciplines. Our emphasis on diversity, civic engagement, and cultural exchange across disciplines ensures that every student has an opportunity to gain critical skills to lead in the contemporary art world.

I believe that by supporting existing and new collaborations with other divisions and units, the Faculty of Arts will continue to play a crucial role in furthering the university's mission of learning, discovery, improving creativity, and making a difference in society.

I would like to cordially invite all of you who are interested in expanding your knowledge and creativity and enriching your careers to explore our faculty further either online or through a visit to our campus.

Prof. Dr. Nur ONAT