School of English Language

The mission of the School of English Language is to provide students at ARUCAD, an English-medium university, with English language education at international standards by coordinating the academic work in its departments. By enhancing our English language program to cater for the needs of a new era, it is aimed to enable the students at ARUCAD to follow their departmental courses, to access and effectively use all kinds of resources related to their academic studies and to use English in their professional lives by communicating in written and oral contexts.

While achieving these goals, we equip all technological and teaching methodologies available in today’s world in order to facilitate language-learning. It is also intended to provide a learning environment where students take responsibility for their learning and actively participate in all curricular and extracurricular activities guided by lecturers to accomplish their aims. At ARUCAD School of English Language, we aim to do our very best to educate our students in such an approach whereby they become creative, knowledgeable and intellectual individuals who are open to new ideas and cultural worldwide values.

The School of English Language aims to enhance students English language as a way to communicate with confidence and academic qualities upon graduation in specialized fields in their chosen faculties. ARUCAD’s graduates will be highly literate in the arts and have the ability to acquire knowledge and access information using well-developed technological skills.

The School of English Language’s effort is to prepare our students to meet the daunting challenges and high expectations of the twenty-first century. They will become responsible and competent world-wide individuals who make a positive difference in their communities through artistic trials and conversations.


Welcome to the School of English Language!

As English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, it is important to make sure our students at ARUCAD are ready and prepared for their future careers. We want our students to be able to think creatively and understand how to overcome challenges when faced in the real world by being able to communicate effectively.
At the School of English Langauge, our aim is to get students to develop their English skills and lay a foundation for students to be able to reach and obtain the skills needed in order to continue onto Faculty departments as well as for future careers. After choosing a Faculty of discipline, students will be more confident to communicate through the essential skills needed for their academic field.

We offer our students the highest language skills to be taught by our highly qualified lecturers. Our staff supports all levels of English in order to fully engage students to build their confidence and knowledge they will need to succeed to the upmost degree possible. Students will be motivated to succeed at ARUCAD in order to gain access to their chosen Faculty.

The Schol of English Language welcomes you to join us to begin a remarkable journey that will soon complete your education at ARUCAD.

Hatice Asvaroğlu
Manager, School of English Language