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Registration of our three-month certificate courses started. Our registration is until April 14, 2018. The lessons are starting on April 16, 2018.

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Basic Design

This course is an introduction to graphic design. Participants will acquire new skills and knowledge on composition, the use of colours, drawing, shape and texture from a combination of both theory and practice sessions.

Pattern Techniques 

Participants of this course who will be working at the level of academic drawing will also gain the experience of discovering their own original drawing technique. Following the patterns made by observing optical reality and proportional accuracy, pattern studies will be done in free form.

Drawing with a Model

This course concentrates on drawing the human form through the use of different painting materials and techniques. Participants will acquire a variety of new skills and knowledge relating to sight and abstraction.

Modelling with Clay

The modelling course is centred on the use of clay as a medium. Participants will realise the link between form and material and will be able to create abstract or figurative works in minimal size.


This course focuses on all the production processes carried out by a ceramics atelier. Participants gain new skills and knowledge on modelling, glazing and burning techniques. Participants who are familiar with related techniques will have the opportunity to work at an advanced level.

Digital Photography  

This course is based on making changes to photos via painting, cutting and pasting and filtration tools on the computer. Participants will acquire new skills and knowledge from a combination of both theory and practice sessions.


Illustration is the art of visualising the literal meaning of a text. This course is based on teaching the graphical production processes of illustration. Participants will acquire new skills and knowledge on illustration through a combination of both traditional and digital techniques.

Basic Digital Photography

Participants will acquire basic information about digital photography techniques, methods and the ability to take pictures under different concepts. It is also aimed to give the acquisition of the artistic view and technical experience in the photographs with the applications.

Creative Print 

In this programme, where printmaking techniques such as linoleum, zinc, wood and stone will be taught, participants will rise to the level whereby they are able to develop their competence in the field and produce original prints.

Graphic Design 

Graphic design is one of the most common visual communication studies in the field of poster design, book and magazine cover design. It is an effective visual tie between art and graphics. In this programme participants will learn the conceptual working discipline and technical / aesthetic processes of graphic design.


Book and magazine design will be a graphic design program made through the Indesign program for designs such as layout.