October 13th Scholarship and Aptitude Test Results

Depending on the examination results and the departments where they were located, the students benefited from the success scholarships provided by ARUCAD at a rate of one hundred percent.

We congratulate our students who settled in our departments by choosing ARUCAD and wish their success to continue.

Faculty of Arts
1 Fateme TALEB Plastik Sanatlar 50%
2 Katayoo GHORMI Plastik Sanatlar 50%
Faculty of Communication
Line up no Name Surname Department Scholarship
1 Fateme TALEB Görsel İletişim ve Tasarım Bölümü 50%
2 Seyed M. HOSSEINI Görsel İletişim ve Tasarım Bölümü 50%
19 October 2018