Spheres of arts are not perceived as proper professions by the society and therefore there exists  a concern that arts students will face unemployment once they graduate. However, there are more unemployed engineers around us.  This is because the skills acquired by arts graduates are more related to life;  and as fine arts, sculpture, glass and photography artists they take a position among an international community.  Also, in relation to these fields they execute  the decoration of public and private spaces, wall paintings, object designs and they do work in many spheres ranging from costume design, to stage design to art direction at television series and films that we watch every day.

They hold different positions at art galleries and museums. If they undertake the necessary disciplinary training they also attain the opportunity to become teachers of arts, design  at many fields from nursery schools to university as educationalists.

Perhaps most importantly since the study of arts and design is something that they do according to  their own choice  and talents, they produce with a  happiness  because they are leading a life that they want to lead.